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19 Pets Who Can Push Your Happy Button Right Away

It’s impossible to not melt under the magical charm of pets. In fact, women show almost the same feelings toward their dogs, as they do toward their babies, a study says. Pets make our lives so much more amazing, that our only choice is to love them back.

We at Bright Side have chosen some pictures of our little friends that will make any day more colorful and fun.

1. The way these cats are supposed to eat vs How they actually eat

2. “My cat guarding her first and only baby. She’s extra protective of him...”

3. “My daughter’s cat is very happy about being able to join her in kindergarten class.”

4. This tiny creature seems to like to squeeze into unpredictable places.

5. Looks like he always tries his human’s food before they start eating.

6. A doggy fell in love at first sight with this kitten.

7. It might seem like this cat is out of water, but he probably isn’t.

8. They seem to be besties.

9. A cat is ready to do anything for a slice of pizza.

10. “Somebody doesn’t like to share..”.

11. One cat or 2 cats?

12. A passive-aggressive cat

13. "My dog has become liquid."

14. "He has perfected weird-ass ways to sleep."

15. This puppy looks really guilty.

16. "My girlfriend's cat likes to spoon himself."

17. She found the perfect place to hang out.

18. "Making new friends at doggy daycare"

19. Looks like this dog's got a favorite pillow.

What do your pets do to keep you in a good mood? Share their pictures with us!

Preview photo credit Bcrdi1 / Imgur
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