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22 Pets That Managed to Win Over Even the Harshest People

The saying goes that it’s better to never say “never.” And that was learned well by people who used to boast about not wanting animals near their homes but are now the number one fans of their pets. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t resist the unconditional affection of these little furry ones.

At Bright Side, we compiled some of the most tender moments that show us even hearts of stone are softened by pets.

1. “This is Slinky. I reluctantly inherited him from my ex-wife who bought him for our kids. They live with me.”

“So now, Slinky lives with me too. I could not see life without this little guy. Love him to the moon. He literally goes everywhere with me.”

2. “My husband, who previously would ’never touch that lizard,’ now tells me I can’t take her away yet because they’re busy.”

3. “The guinea pigs are 100% your responsibility he says, but today he’s cuddling.”

4. “My husband and the cat he definitely didn’t want”

5. “From ’He’s your problem,’ to nap buddies...”

6. “Hates cats. Didn’t want either of these 2. Not even a little...”

7. “My dad and the cats he did not want”

8. “I guess the kitty has won him over after all!”

9. “’They’re okay, I just don’t like their tails,’ — my boyfriend, who now gets offended if he doesn’t get cuddles or kisses from Mr. Odie.”

10. “My husband with the dog he said he didn’t want”

11. “2015 Dad: ’We are never, EVER, getting a dog.’ 2020 Dad: ’Okay, maybe, but you guys walk it and ABSOLUTELY not on the couch.’ 2021 Dad:”

12. “Mom wanted a cat after they lost their last one, and Dad was iffy. Cat now is attached to Dad.”

13. “The Dad/Smitty saga continues. He tucked her in just in case she got too chilly.”

14. “’We don’t need another dog. Ugh, a small dog wouldn’t be any fun.’ Famous last words!”

15. “My Turkish dad who didn’t want any pets at home and my beautiful clingy dog”

16. “Dad and one of the cats that he absolutely not under any circumstances wanted to get”

17. “2 decades+ of protesting any mentions of wanting a cat. Text from my mom today: Caroline sitting watch on your dad. He’s totally her person!!”

18. “No, a dog will make the house stink.”

19. “Here’s my dad with the ’rat’ he did not want. This is my dog’s favorite spot to lie down.”

20. “’I can’t have a cat, I’m allergic.’ He’s cured now!”

21. “My husband, 9/21: ’NO MORE CATS.’ My husband, 12/21: buys a bow tie for the kitten.”

22. “Cats are grouchy animals.”

What is the name of the pet that won your heart? Share a photo in the comments!

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