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10+ Times When People Didn’t Just Get a Piece of Furniture but Found Actual Treasure

We furnish our homes the way we like. Some people prefer minimalism and others like lots of colors and decorative elements. Original pieces of furniture can be found at stores in just about any style.

Online users revealed the unusual pieces of furniture that are now in their homes. And we at Bright Side always like to see such finds.

1. “Picked up this playpen sofa at a local thrift shop.”

2. “After my breakup, I found this chinoiserie chair that makes me feel majestic.”

3. “Found this vintage couch on the street and revived it.”

4. “My first table I thrifted ($3) and painted!”


6. “Vanity setup 90% complete — most of everything was thrifted or secondhand, including the kitty.”

7. “After wanting one forever, my wife went bananas and bought me this chair for Valentine’s Day. I totally don’t deserve it.”


9. “These rocking chairs were incredibly popular in the ’80s. I rocked my kids in one of these.”

  • We have one of these! Once collected, the lady contacted us back and said since we collected it in a van could we please do her a favor. She was moving back overseas and wanted to put everything into storage. She asked if we could move everything for her since her movers bailed. She paid us $500 to move maybe 20 boxes 15 min away and even gave us an extra $20 for gas. Every time I sit on our chair I think about how much money it made us! © aleasincognito / Reddit

10. “Got this unique chair on Marketplace. Yes, it swivels.”

11. “A hand-carved solid mango wood headboard — my wife and I ordered this from India a couple of years ago.”


Which of these pieces of furniture would look great in your apartment?

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