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15 People Who Made the Past Come Alive Through the Power of Photos

A lot of things change as we grow older, but our childhood memories stay engraved in a corner of our brain forever. Looking back at family albums makes us reminisce about the old days and yearn to relive some specific moments in our youth or times when our children were younger. Some people might go the extra mile and take this literally by recreating these old photos many years or decades later.

At Bright Side, we adore seeing how some fundamental things within us have the power to live forever. We will share some photos that recreated old moments loaded with warmth, humor, and positivity.

1. ’’My cousin and I decided to recreate our childhood photo.’’

2. ’’My dad holding me as a baby, and me holding my newborn son"

3. ’’My awkward family photo recreation, complete with a handmade adult onesie’’

4. ’’Then and now pictures of Eeyore and me, set 21 years apart’’

5. ’’For Father’s Day, my family recreated an old photo of us.’’

6. ’’Recreating family memories’’

7. ’’My family recreated an old photo: denim-on-denim.’’

8. ’’29 years later, my brothers and I recreated our family vacation photo at the Texas state capitol.’’

9. ’’My family Christmas photo, recreated 20 years later’’

10. ’’My siblings and I recreated this photo from our youth.’’

11. ’’My sisters and I recreated a classic family photo from 1985.’’

12. ’’My family, 43 years ago and today’’

13. ’’Merry Christmas family photo, recreated’’

14. The hair stays the same.

15. ’’My brother and I recreated a Christmas portrait from 20 years ago as a gift to our family.’’

Do you often look back at your old photo albums? Do you ever wish to go back in time and relive past moments that marked your memories?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

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