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15+ Photos Proving That the World Always Has Something New for Us

There’s truly no way to know everything. Just like there’s no way to see everything in this world, no matter how many books we read, how many hours we search the Internet every day, or how many classes we take. It’s always important to keep your mind open, as you never know when an opportunity to see or learn something new and bewildering will pop up.

We at Bright Side have opened a box of surprises, once again, and would like to share some treasures we’ve found there with you.

1. Giant African snail

2. “Some sort of dry hard leaf that looks like lips”

3. “Me as a baby, I was about 11 lb (5 kg) when I was born.”

4. “What’s this all about? Saw it at a shop in London.”

5. “This enormous bathroom door handle”

6. Bonus claw

7. “This pair of scissors my brother found at our workplace”

8. “Pink teddy bear”

9. “The size of this donut from a local truck shop”

10. “This shrimp is called ’Tôm sú’ in Vietnamese — it’s a giant tiger prawn.”

11. “An absolute unit of a clothespin”

12. “These knitting needles”

13. “Just drove past this semi hauling tires for mining trucks.”

14. Adirondack throne

15. “This flamingo at Tampa International Airport”

16. “This ATM at a food cart pod”

17. “Hydraulicon, hydration provider, fire expunger”

18. “Found a cool banana at work.”

What are your favorite ways to learn something new each day? What was the last thing that had a real “wow” effect on you?

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