15 People Shared Their Happiest Moments With Us, and We Can’t Hold the Tears Back

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Everyone has a dream. One kid wants a pony, a grandmother wants a degree, and a man wants to get hitched. When we achieve our dreams, it is only normal to want to shout it out and tell others. Stories of “I did it” are more easily shared via social media these days, inspiring us and putting a smile on our faces.

Bright Side brings you stories shared by Internet users about the moment when they finally achieved their dreams.

1. Her stepfather is officially her legal father after raising her since she was 9.

2. “After being told she wouldn’t survive and spending 8 months in the hospital, my little girl turns 1 in 3 days at home.”

3. It’s the best feeling when you find someone you can relate to.

4. A childhood cancer survivor turned a nightmare into a dream by returning to the same hospital as a nurse 20 years later.

5. No hair due to chemo some years back vs the first hair cut after fighting the disease

6. When her mother had a profound stroke, they thought she would not live to see her daughter walk down the aisle. Here they are on her wedding day.

7. Collin Clarke, a gym employee with Down Syndrome, dreamed of becoming a body-builder all his life.

8. This man finally got his American dream after 10 years. He is now a proud American citizen.

9. This first generation college student came from a poor family of 10 in a small town. This summer, she landed an internship at one of the top 4 accounting firms, Deloitte.

10. A friend saved him when he wanted to end his life at 16. Now he is a new pediatric occupational therapy practitioner, helping children grow big and strong.

11. Gareth lost his leg to cancer. 3 years later, he completed the London Marathon despite being terminally ill at the age of 26.

12. “A local guy worked 16 years to win this tournament. Couldn’t be more happy for him and his family.”

13. He used to visit the game store almost every day when he was young. Now the store is carrying a game he created.

14. Her front teeth got damaged and for the first time in 7 years, she could actually smile.

15. Due to religious and cultural differences, their families strongly opposed their marriage. After 8 1/2 years, love won.

What story touched your soul the most? We’d also love to hear your dream-come-true stories. Spread the happiness around!

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Story #19 touched me. They are like modern Romeo and Juliet, but their story has a happy ending :)
The story of Shannon Satonori Lytle just struck me. Really, how many of us complain about simple things and quit, when other people go through all these struggles and remain string.
Kids can be so violent. Why to bully someone, because he has different colors of yes? This is actually really beautiful..

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