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15 Photos Proving That When You Take Good Care of Things, They Last Forever

Be it a friendship of over 90 years, a century-old ring, or a vintage dress that has been worn through several generations, when you value something, it stays with you through the rest of time. The more effort and care you put into things, the longer they last.

Bright Side has collected some photos to prove that caring about something is the key to making it last forever.

1. “3 generations, 1 dress (my grandma in 1964, my mom in 1991, and me in 2017)”

2. My century-old, heirloom engagement ring after cleaning

3. “This is my grandpa and his friend. The Navy picture was taken sometime around 1942 and the other, when they turned 93.”

4. “My dad found this cutie alongside the road while working. I’d like to say he lives a spoiled life. October vs now...”

5. I’m wearing my grandma’s dress from 1963 for my wedding.

6. “My great grandma’s guitar from the ’50s”

7. “My dad is afraid to fly, so when I was 5 years old I made him a doll to hold on the plane. The doll is 43 years old and my dad still flies with it.”

8. “These are my parents at the end of their wedding in 1977. This is also them a few months ago during their 40th year of being married.”

9. Before and after a cottage garden received love and care

10. “Gave it to my mom over 10 years ago and it still works fine.”

11. “My mom started her weight loss journey this day, last year. 85 pounds less and a whole lot of happy!”

12. “A family heirloom: my grandfather’s 1968 Mustang”

13. “Found a box of amazing sweaters my grandma made me in the ’80s and my 2-year-old has been rocking them every day.”

14. “My Uncle’s 56-year-old tortoise he inherited from my grandparents.”

15. “My grandfather has a miniature set of all of Shakespeare’s plays. It’s 111 years old.”

Do you have something special in your life that’s stood the test of time? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit TheGoddessofHunting / Reddit
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