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15+ Photoshop Gurus Who Broke All Records

From a cat traveling to space to a super-baby that has laser eyes — some people manage to come up with the craziest images from ordinary pictures. Well, they can rest assured that their time spent on Photoshop courses didn’t go to waste. That’s because we can confidently call them experts at transforming an image into something funny and amusing!

Bright Side found some talented people who know their way around Photoshop. Let’s see what ingenious pictures they’ve created!

1. “Fishing buddies”

2. “The cutest space photo ever”

3. A lesson on how to blend in

4. “This town ain’t big enough...”

5. "Bread Pitt’

6. “I can show you the swaaaaaaamp!”

7. “Gravity”

8. “A prefect 10”

9. “Jack-Jack”

10. We get you, kitty.

11. The hidden truth

12. “Portrait of a Man by Jan van Eyck”

13. Crush the turtle from Finding Nemo

14. “I knew she was bad news the moment she walked in my door.”

15. A new portal

16. Benedict’s finally lost it!

17. “Detective Bee”

18. “The purrrsistence of mewmory”

19. “ET — rock in basket”

Which pictures do you think are the wittiest? Do you like working in Photoshop? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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