15 Pics That Made Our Brains Go Into Confusion-Mode

A cat with feet that are bigger than its head, a dog wearing a wig, or a fish swimming in the clouds — these might make you pause a second and wonder why are we making up stuff that doesn’t exist. Sometimes, things and angles love to play a challenging game with our brains and make us question reality.

Bright Side loves to stare at confusing images and try to make sense of them and we’ve prepared some of the freshest ones for your eyes only.

1. “My reflection made it look like this dog was wearing a wig.”

2. “My fish ice cube grew a shark fin.”

3. “My daughter seems to be levitating or badly photoshopped in this glacier pic.”

4. “Levitating brownie”

5. “The more I look at it, the less I can make sense of it.”

6. “Hold on little man, it might be a bumpy ride!”

7. “Took a picture of a pizza and noticed my cat looked 2D.”

8. This is not a sticker or an embroidery patch, it’s a tattoo.

9. Car looks like it’s parked on the skateboard.

10. “In this picture of me, my left leg mysteriously disappeared when the picture was taken. I am not an amputee.”

11. “Our kitten sitting between our Great Dane’s paws.”

12. “Took this picture right as my mom hit the rough part of the road and it came out strange.”

13. “The reflection of the bathroom mirror makes it look like we have an outdoor cinema going on.”

14. “My cat is in a strange position where it seems to be missing 2 paws.”

15. “This super clear and reflective lake makes it look like fish are swimming over a forest in the clouds.”

Which one of these images made you raise your eyebrows, focus, and try to make sense of it? If a cat-dog hybrid existed, do you think it would bark or purr — or both?

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