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15+ Situations That Only Tall Girls Can Understand

The global average height is 5’2″ for women and 5’6″ for men. If you always have to bend to fit into a picture, end up giving awkward hugs to your average height friends, or find that the shower head is lower than your own head, then you know the struggles of being tall. But there are also other facepalm situations that only tall women can relate to.

Bright Side breaks down some situations that tall girls know all too well.

1. A dress becomes a shirt on you.

2. You become a human shield from the sun.

3. You can’t hide by blending in the crowd.

4. You’ve tried various acrobatic poses to shrink yourself.

5. People always ask how tall you are.

6. It feels like your forehead needs a special cushion.

7. People always tell you to move.

8. Being tall means you’re a natural selfie stick.

9. You feel like Gulliver trying to fit into a dollhouse.

10. You have the honor of getting stuff from the top shelf.

11. Your strolling pace is everyone else’s jogging pace.

12. People have hobby and job suggestions for you.

13. You’ve heard all the height jokes and nicknames.

14. Wearing high heels feels like a crime.

15. People think it’s hard for you to find a partner.

16. Your head always gets cropped.

What else can you add to this list of things that tall girls can relate to?

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