15 Small Acts of Kindness That Prove This World Still Has a Chance

Turns out, helping others has a similar positive effect on us as running for 3 miles. It lowers stress levels and keeps sickness away but that is just a pleasant bonus. There are people out there who believe in the sole power of kindness. They always step up to help the ones in need, be it turtles, pelicans, dogs, or fellow humans.

Bright Side truly believes in the power of kindness and would like to share this beautiful compilation of small yet kind deeds with our readers.

1. “My grandfather built a floating dock for turtles in the lake by their house and the turtles love it.”

2. “My friend noticed a gay couple didn’t have a family to support them or a witness, so he stepped in and helped them.”

3. “My dad rescued her from an abandoned storefront 2 years ago. They watch TV like this.”

4. My dad is old and can’t take his dog on walks anymore. Two kids volunteered to help. Look how happy she is!

5. After 5 years, this kid decided he wanted a haircut and waited a bit longer to make sure it was long enough to donate.

6. “This poor pelican had hooks stuck in its beak. My amazing brother was the only one who stepped in and helped.”

7. “My grandma knitted a small rug made of plastic bags instead of throwing them out to help the environment.”

8. “My local zoo gives donated Christmas trees to the llamas because evidently, llamas love Christmas.”

9. “Proud of my daughter. 10 days before her wedding she became a bone marrow match and went ahead with it.”

10. “A friend of mine saw a baby deer get hit by a car and took it to a vet.”

11. A tow truck broke down while towing a car, so a bigger truck showed up to help.

12. “I saw a mother duck looking at her baby who had fallen down into a hole. I rescued the baby duck and reunited them.”

13. “My best friend died from leukemia and I was too young to help. Yesterday, I donated stem cells to a stranger fighting the same illness.”

14. “I got a flat tire in a sketchy part of town. These 2 gentlemen stopped and offered to help.”

15. “Been feeding my neighbor’s elderly dog a biscuit every night for years. Now their new cat is coming over for some too.”

What’s the last kind thing you did for somebody?

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