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15 Times Reality Cast a Spell to Confuse Us, and It Worked

Coming across real life optical illusions isn’t all that common. We’re talking about seeing a floating upper body, for example. It might sound bizarre or like a magician’s work, but truly it’s just a combo of impeccable timing and loads of luck. Fortunately for us, people often grab their phones to snap a picture of this sort of phenomenon.

Bright Side rounded up a few mind-boggling images that prove the universe can be a little playful sometimes.

1. “My dog didn’t lose his head.”

2. It’s a floating cat or...

3. Not sure if this man has a baby hand or if the baby has a very long one.

4. This guy’s bag looks like someone sleeping.

5. “My friend learning to snowboard”

6. Not sure where the rest of this man is.

7. Can’t see which head is his...

8. The perfect overlap...

9. “My cat looks like she’s 6 feet tall”

10. This truck parked outside

11. “The wife has fallen asleep beneath the paper. This freaked me out for a second.”

12. The upper body is floating...

13. ...and these limes too.

14. “Was watching a show and when I paused it to answer the door, I thought someone had put a mirror over my screen.”

15. “My dog and his shadow decided to spend some time apart.”

Which photo made you look twice? Which ones did you like the most? Have you ever had the chance to take a confusing pic?

Preview photo credit Nerioner / Reddit
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