20 Food Hacks We’ve Tried and Loved

4 years ago

Dust in cereal is actually quite easy to get rid of, and so are flies that fly around your food during the summer months. Finding unusual yet helpful tools in ordinary things is always a good idea, especially when it comes to handling certain products so that they keep bringing you tasty joy for longer. These hacks are cheap, uncomplicated, mess-free, and fun!

Bright Side always seeks extraordinary ways to simplify life, and many of the tricks we’ve found have become our favorite life hacks! We’re sure this collection of precious tips will be a good addition to your own life hack arsenal.

1. Always have a perfectly cool drink on hand during hot seasons.

Fill 1/4 of a bottle with water so when it’s put on its side, the water stays just below the bottle’s neck. Then put the bottles in a freezer. When you need a cold drink, just take one of the bottles out, fill it up with anything you like, and enjoy a perfectly chilled drink.

2. Prevent tomatoes from rotting quickly by putting them upside down.

Tomatoes’ “shoulders” are sturdier while their bottoms are more delicate. Pressure from a table or plate will make them rot faster which is why it’s best to flip them upside down.

3. Remove cherry seeds with a funnel.

To enjoy your cherries without pits, use a funnel. Simply put cherries on top of the piece of fruit, push down, and voilà — your treat is ready!

4. Cook your marshmallows over a toaster.

5. Ripen an avocado within just one day.

If you put an avocado in a beer koozie, it will become ripe the next day.

6. Use a colander to prepare the remaining bits of cereal from a box/bag.

7. Use a mason jar instead of a blender to make smoothies so you can drink it without dirtying an extra glass.

Many blender attachments will fit on mason jars.

8. If you don’t have a cookie rack, you can use skewers instead.

9. Try a pizza cutter if you need to mince ingredients for scrambled eggs.

10. Keep the bands on the asparagus in place so they don’t roll all over the place while you cut the ends off.

11. Keep flies out of your wine while sitting outside.

You can do this trick with other drinks as well.

12. Bake 2 pizzas at once in 1 pizza-sized oven.

13. If you have a pack of bagels, use the hole in the bagel to stuff the open end of the packaging in. This way, they stay fresh!

14. A hairdryer will help you to remove excess moisture from a chicken to make it super crispy.

15. If you can’t find rod-shaped ice cube trays for water bottles, these work great!

16. Parmesan cheese lids can fit mason jars and make great jar lids too!

17. Cook boil-in-bag rice with ease.

18. A smart solution if you don’t have a zester

19. Use frozen butter and a cheese grater to butter waffles.

20. Use a colander to get crispy bread if you don’t have a toaster.

What are the most popular cooking hacks in your family? Do you have your own tips for preparing food that you often use? Let’s share our hacks in the comment section!

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I needed this cold drink durning the hot summers this year.. those bottles look so cute ?


I use the pizza cutter to cut different food too! I guess I'm the true inventor ;)


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