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16 People Who Can Outsmart Sherlock Holmes

Sometimes our inner wit surprises us, and it shows when we discover or say something that makes sense and benefits us, which is like hitting 2 birds with one stone. This proves that we are our own versions of Sherlock Holmes and possibly even brighter.

We at Bright Side gathered experiences and tips from people that worked and can help you outsmart a situation or someone else.




  • I went outside with my younger brother for something and said, “The one that enters the house first has to mop the floor.” We were outside for a while, long enough for me to forget what I’d said. We were going in, and my brother said, “The last one to enter is a donkey,” so, I rushed in. And then he mentioned how I entered first, so now I have to mop the floor. © Unknown user / Reddit




  • I did a dual enrollment program during my high school career, and I am a horrible procrastinator. The night before the writing assignment was due, and I still haven’t done anything. What I did was, wrote a great-looking first page, stapled the corner, and ripped the staple out. I slip this page into the stack of papers on my teacher’s desk, and she gave me a B. © D****AmGoodForMike/ Reddit




  • In tenth grade, our whole class collectively outsmarted our parenting teacher. We quickly realized that once she got talking, she didn’t stop until the bell rang. So the game was to get her talking about youth issues, parenting issues, and that sort of thing.
    As soon as the door shut, someone would pipe up with another topic, then she’d talk and talk and talk. Until 75 minutes later, when the bell rang. We did maybe two worksheets and one assignment the entire semester. Everyone passed with high marks, and she wasn’t allowed to teach parenting anymore. © Anna_Draconis/ Reddit



  • When my son was young, he got grounded from his tablet for the day for some reason. After we tucked him into bed, I could hear him watching videos on it in his bed, so I walked in to bust him. Me: “What did your mother and I say about the tablet?”
    Him: “You said I couldn’t play with it for the day.” Then, pointing at the darkness outside his window, “It’s the night.” © Sloppyjoec / Reddit



  • It took over an hour to get my kid to school, and she’d talk constantly. I tried to listen, but between driving and my brain going numb, I would start to miss bits and pieces. She figured it out. She said, “So, let’s set up for the tea party!” “What tea party? Today?” “Yes. I asked you in the car, and you said ’mmhmm’.” That happened probably a dozen times that year. © Unknown user / Reddit



  • In high school, my 11th-grade English class was constantly in trouble for cheating. I was informed the 5 adjacent to me were going to copy my vocabulary and spelling test. So I let them, all the way to the essay, which would of course be done individually. I took my time writing, let them turn theirs in, waiting until all were done. Then I went back and corrected all my answers. They all failed. © mckinnon3048 / Reddit


Which of these hacks and tips work best for you? Do you have any tricks similar to these? Tell us in the comments.

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