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16 People Who Got Into an Awkward Situation Because of Their Unusual Height

According to statistics, the tallest people live in the Netherlands and Montenegro, while the Indonesians and Bolivians are considered to be the most petite people. Despite all these cultural differences, people with unusual heights face the same problems in their daily lives. They have to deal with finding clothes that actually fit, sitting on uncomfortable furniture, and awkwardly communicating with potential significant others. But the people from our article don’t get upset about these things and manage to joke about their unique features.

We at Bright Side love people who appreciate some good self-irony and hope that these optimists will make your day brighter as well.

“Japan wasn’t made for us (my height is 6’7”)."

“This is discrimination (my height is 5’1”)!"

“You must be this tall to see this movie.”

“My (4’11”) girlfriend and I (6’3″) were walking in the city. She got cold and hid under my T-shirt, so I turned into a pregnant guy."

“Me (6’1”) with my best friend (4’11″)"

“I love window seats.”

“I’m 7’3” and I have arms like a gorilla."

“I’m 5’1’’. I used to think that tall girls would never want to date short guys. But I got myself together and started exercising. I found a girl who I’ve been dating for 3 and a half years. I love it when she wears high heels.”

“I’m 6’9” and I finally found a bed that fits!"

“My height is 6’9” while normal door frames are 6’8″. I have to be conscious of every single door I walk through."

“I (5’5”) asked my crush (6’0’’) to our senior prom. I jokingly brought a stepladder to take the pictures, but we had a wonderful time together."

“I look like Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles in my coworker’s car. My height is 6’7”."

“My mom is very short. She takes pictures with all the tall people she meets. This is her number 3.”

If you and your boyfriend are really tall, dinner turns into a quest.

When you finally start to think that you’re not that short, this happens:

“My school opted to make me a custom desk. It’s 10 inches taller than a normal desk and I’m 6’11”. I’m very happy!"

“Dear airlines, tell me again, how is this safe? Let alone humane...”

Have you ever been in funny (or not so funny) situations because of your height?

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