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17 Designers That Don’t Really Care About Beauty or Comfort

You can see designers’ work everywhere now. They make packaging for food and unusual apartments. But some of them make things that cause very divisive reactions. Transparent doors in a bathroom or a pole right in the middle of a bicycle lane are just some examples.

We at Bright Side hovered over each of the photos from our compilation, trying to understand the ideas of these creative people.

“We had to stop. We kept mixing our pieces...”

“This is what my pavement marking contractor tried to submit to me for approval.”

“To the person that made such a door right in front of a toilet, I have a few questions for you...”

These address numbers seem a bit confusing.

“That’s how I broke my leg.”

But if you cut an avocado, the film won’t help.

A closet for those that really love minimalism

This toilet has a full-length mirror right in front of the urinal.

“The terrible design of my school — this is the place where every hallway intersects.”

“I’m in room 920. How do I find it?”

“I found the room. It was not between 919 and 921. It was next to 922 on another spur across the hall.”

The amazing almost invisible step everyone trips over

“Our A/C blows cold air when the button is red and hot air when it’s blue.”

“There is only 1 toilet paper dispenser at my school bathroom, and every time you must calculate the amount of paper you will use.”

  • Our school took it to another level — there was one dispenser for male and female bathrooms in the hall outside so everyone could see how much paper you took. © gougim / Reddit

You can’t close this window until you go outside.

“My fridge has this indicator to let you know the door is open. The light is hidden behind the door when it’s closed.”

Don’t go too fast in this bike lane.

Another creative design for the bathroom

What examples of terrible designs have you seen? Tell us in the comment section below!

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