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18 People That Literally Made Repairmen Laugh Hysterically

Devices have become regular parts of our lives and we don’t think about them as something really valuable anymore. Now, we give expensive laptops to our children or put our phones into a bag with potentially dangerous objects like coins or hairpins.

Repairmen are often terrified when they see the condition of the devices that come into their hands. We at Bright Side fully support them. After working on this article, we promised ourselves we’d be more careful with our smartphones and computers. And in order to calm ourselves down, we found a cat photo that you will see in the bonus section.

“Hand lotion just doesn’t mix with IT equipment.”

“Someone had a heater next to their PC, which was randomly shutting off, and she thought she smelled burning a couple of times.”

My sister: “The kids have done something to my laptop, can you fix it?”

“Here’s a computer that was just dropped off in our shop from a dairy farm. We have many farm customers, but they usually keep their computers off the floor and out of the manure. The inside was worse.”

“User calls about a disc being stuck in another computer, mentions offhand about this laptop. They had been using and charging it like this for weeks...”

Drilled right into the battery

Me: “What happened?!?” Customer: “I don’t know.”

“Ethernet cables at my boss’s office, that he keeps running over with his chair. Mind-blowing that they are still working.”

“An employee spilled water on their laptop. Decided to use a heat gun to dry it out.”

“My tablet is not charging.” — Is this a battery or a pillow?

“Customer brought in this iMac for not powering on... This is apparently how he uses it.”

“Apparently I type too hard.”

“It’s hard to hear people unless I’m on speakerphone.”

User tried to clean out the charging port with an air compressor

“Because covering vent holes with thick plastic is better than dust.”

“Pro tip: Do not daisy chain multiple power strips and then try to run a PC and a space heater on them.”

“My mom was complaining of an intermittent loss of service, this is the SIM I removed from her iPhone.”

“Can we fix this? It is water-resistant they said!”

Bonus: No life without cats

“This is Loki and he sleeps on my PC.”

Do you have problems with devices? If yes, tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit hatless_harry / reddit