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18 Pictures That Can Puzzle Even the Sharpest Minds

Experts say that when we look around, we don’t always see reality, but a story that has been created for us. And the creator behind that is none other than our own brains. But, sometimes there are certain illusions that can’t be missed by almost anyone. These are the times that our brains synchronize something amazing and we experience excitement and confusion at the same time.

Bright Side dug out 18 images with perspectives that are so confusing, you will think your eyes are deceiving you.

1. “I was looking at this while walking through my house and I fell down.”

2. “Sometimes after a hike our feet get confused.”

3. “I thought 8 pigeons were staring at me menacingly.”

4. “She has no problem reaching the top shelf.”

5. “Gigantic raised house”

6. “2/3 Cerberus.”

7. “Thinnest building I’ve ever seen.”

8. “Levitating hand.”

9. “This giant hummingbird perched on a wire”

10. “Eldritch horror dog”

11. Just to let you know. This is not a baguette.

12. “Cloud kinda looks like the ocean.”

13. “Michael hiding his weapon in plain sight.”

14. “I told them I took a picture of UFOs.”

15. “My cat’s head fell off.”

16. “My dog’s leg under her head seems to be coming through her mouth.”

17. “The way the light hits this spiderweb makes it look like a CD-rom.”

18. “Planking picture I took back when planking was a fad.”

What was the last time you saw something that completely deceived you? Did you manage to take a picture of it or did it only last for a second?

Have some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE, right now. We’ll be waiting in the meantime!

Preview photo credit Dylfonda / reddit, Robz8 / imgur
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