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19 People Whose Crazy Ideas Can Keep This World Spinning

Occasionally, we all have to make non-standard decisions while doing household chores. But there are some “mad” geniuses out there whose inventions put you in another dilemma: whether to question their health or give them the Nobel Prize.

We at Bright Side are all for creativity within reasonable borders. But today, we want to introduce you to some brave researchers who almost failed while climbing over those borders.

“Meat always shrinks when I cook it but not anymore!”

“They’re selling the mirror but that DIY TV stand caught my eye.”

“I couldn’t find my palette so I mixed my paints on a tortilla.”

“What? $500 for a pool?! I can make one out of the trash I have in the garage!”

“My girlfriend said she wanted electric salt and pepper grinders. Done!”

“My friend made an umbrella holder out of a women’s handbag and concrete.”

“I’m bad for using whatever tool is handy as a hammer, usually a crescent wrench. My husband learned a bit of welding and engineered this for my birthday.”

“’That’ll do for now,’ he said. That was 4 years ago.”

Blurred safety feature

“Failed to realize there was no shower rod when I was moving in, but the show must go on.”

“When the valve has a leak and all the hardware stores are closed for the evening”

“While my daughter was painting on a ladder, she said, ’Dad? I need a ladder with a place to hold my paint can.’ About 10 minutes later, she inquired about where my zip ties were. I’m quite proud.”

“The power button on my dad’s laptop...”

“A woman I know made a ’remote stick’ because her family loses the TV remote so often.”

Master lock 100

“Decided to put my hobby to good use and make reusable cleaning pads! I have 3 cats and 1 dog and I get so tired of buying those ridiculously expensive dusting pads to get all the pet hair.”

You can also get this wet, dip it in cleaning solution, and wring it out to use it as a mop.

“Needed shade during the 90° heat to redo the deck.”

Who said a butter knife couldn’t be a putty knife?

The story that proves it’s the result that matters

10 minutes ago, I got a call from my friend. He asked me how to make the crayfish sauce that I did some time ago. So I tell him:
— “Put butter in a water bath and add salt, garlic, and a bit of dill.”
— “What is a water bath?”
— “Put some water in a pot and place a soup plate over it. Put all the ingredients into the plate and turn on the gas. Keep heating it up until everything inside it melts. Keep it there for 5 more minutes to let all the tastes mix.”
— “I think I got it. Thanks, bye.”
— “Hey, make sure to send me a photo of the sauce and crayfish afterward.”
Here’s what he sent me. I’m still ROFLing.

What crazy life hacks have you or your friends tried?

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