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20 Fortunate People Who Got Unique Traits From Nature

One of the most curious things about human beings is that no one is exactly the same, and it’s precisely in this diversity that beauty resides. Tall, short, freckles, dimples on the cheeks, and birthmarks; people always have something that distinguishes them from the rest. What’s more, genetics and nature come together in some beautiful coincidences and design people whose attributes make them exceptional.

Bright Side prepared a new selection of images and is bringing you 20 people who are very proud to show the world their most peculiar features.

1. “My son was born with a black spot of hair in his blonde hair. It grows in black, and there is no birthmark or discoloration under it.”

2. “My face birthmark!”

3. “My son and I have matching freckles in the same spot.”

4. “My girlfriend and my nephew have a very similar birthmark, despite the fact that they aren’t related at all.”

5. “My daughter’s birthmark is an upvote.”

6. “My daughter has different colored eyelashes.”

7. “Raynaud’s disease — it’s the last bit to warm up!”

8. “The amount of hair my daughter had at 2 months old!”

9. “Hello all, I was born with heterochromia. In this photo, my left eye is blue, and my right, green. Glad to be a part of the community!”

10. “Heart-shaped veins on my eye”

11. “I have a teardrop-shaped birthmark perfectly placed under my right eye.”

12. “My son and I have similarly wrinkled thumbs.”

13. “My daughter was born with dark hair, but now the roots are growing in blonde.”

14. “Freckles came out a lot after Hawaii!”

15. “My daughter was born with this receding hairline type thing — it was funny, she was my 40-year-old baby.”

16. “I bet you can’t do this with your thumb.”

17. “Yes, I am taller than the door.”

18. “It appears I have unusually large hands.”

19. “My newborn son has heart-shaped nostrils.”

20. “I was born with 6 toes on my left foot and my friend was born with 4 toes on her right foot.”

Do you have any traits or abilities that make you unique? Tell us in the comments or show us a picture!

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Preview photo credit DomnLee / Reddit
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