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20 Life Coincidences We Can Truly Say Happen Once in a Lifetime

They say the chance of winning the jackpot is one in a million. But some people are so lucky, we’re sure those odds wouldn’t scare them. Hidden messages, rare phenomena, and unusual visitors are some of the situations they run into that are so rare, we’re just grateful they managed to capture them on camera.

Bright Side wants you to be as amazed as we are about these extraordinary situations and prepared this surprising picture compilation.

1. “The grass at the park spelled LOVE in front of me.”

2. “The way the boiling water pushed the peas into a star”

3. “The blue sky reflecting on a neighboring building with a storm behind it”

4. “My yolk broke and created an inverted egg.”

5. The perfect angle made this door look like a mirror.

6. “This double-length curved spaghetti”

7. “I saw an albino squirrel at the doctor’s office today.”

8. “My daughter and my kitten lost their baby teeth on the same day.”

9. “This kiwi I found with only one seed”

10. “After I poured milk into my coffee, I found Snoopy under the moon.”

11. “The way the landscape lined up with this camper while driving through Arizona”

12. “This morning, a sunray made it look like Legolas had a fire arrow on my poster.”

13. “The sky tuned purple in Japan thanks to LED lights on a cherry tomato farm.”

14. “There’s a red car every other 3 cars.”

15. “Dropped a screw at work today and it landed like this.”

16. “I accidentally landed a dart in another dart while playing darts with my darts on a dartboard.”

17. “I got 4 sequential bills as a tip today.”

18. “The way all of these girls are unknowingly wearing the same outfit”

19. “This pony was positioned in just the right place to look like a unicorn.”

20. “My friend has been mistaken for Ed Sheeran many times, and they coincidentally met in South Africa.”

What coincidences have happened to you? Which one of these surprised you the most?

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