20 People Who Are the True Ninjas of Self-Irony

The universe works in mysterious ways for sure, but when looked upon closely, you may realize that the universe also has its own sense of humor to amuse us with, like the Titanic artifact exhibition being closed because of “unforeseen water damage,” or a broken tip of a pencil that reads, “pointless!”

We at Bright Side love comedic irony and would love to share these moments with you. Have a look for yourself.

1. And it keeps on growing...

2. He didn’t see that coming.

3. Products are easy to use these days.

4. Even 5 minutes sounds like too much.

5. A clear view

6. Billboards are distracting enough.

7. TV shows over movies, always!

8. So close...

9. But not useless!

10. This isn’t a good icebreaker, apparently.

11. Sharing is caring.

12. The sign wasn’t “fireproof.”

13. Putting the “iron” in irony

14. Oh, the irony.

15. Or a flat circle with a ring

16. The “lighting” sign isn’t illuminated.

17. This electric avenue has no outlet.

18. Right in the feels!

19. This irony rocks!

20. Mission accomplished.

Have you ever come across ironic moments like these? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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