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20 People Who Randomly Decided to Treat Themselves to a Nice Present

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right present for someone — it could be the wrong color, the wrong size, or just the wrong gift altogether. While kids anxiously wait for Santa to drop off their presents, adults are forced to become their own sort of gift magicians. After all, why can’t a person get themselves a cool car if they’ve been dreaming about it for a long time? Or why not adopt a puppy if you’ve always wanted one?

Bright Side came across some Internet users’ photos where they share the one fine day that they decided to present themselves with a rush of the happiness hormone. And the bonus feature will show you a bright illustration of how external forces sometimes interfere with our lives.

“I turned 30 and bought a puppy. Everyone Meet Pancho!”

“I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even buy these for the kids. I bought them for myself!”

“I always wanted a promise ring. So today I went and bought myself one. I promise to always love myself.”

“This is Swatch, the graduation watch I bought for myself.”

“Yesterday, I received the gift I bought myself for my birthday.”

“I bought some slippers. I’m 27 years old. Everyone is laughing at me at home. Our cat runs as far away from me as possible.”

“Bought myself a new knife today. Cost me about $40 and it was sharp enough to come straight out of the box.”

“I’ve been saying to myself for years, ’I should buy a boat.’ Well, yesterday I bought a boat — a ‘65 Coupe DeVille. Straight as an arrow, not a ding on it. There’s some rust in the trunk pans though.”

“I couldn’t help but buy it. It’s my second day playing with it. I am extremely satisfied.”

“An early birthday gift to myself”

“A little gift for myself”

“My wife bought a dollhouse.”

“My newest plush, a birthday gift for myself”

“Just bought this as a gift for myself and my fiancé said she wants to binge-watch it with me — looks like we’ve got another Farscape fan!”

“No big deal! A little gift for myself on Children’s Day. A proper treat for a 25-year-old — it’s my first road bike!”

“Finally pulled the trigger! Bought this hunk of junk as an early thirtieth birthday gift to myself.”

“My early birthday gift to myself arrived!”

“A college graduation gift to myself! Bought these used for an awesome deal.”

“I wanted an iPhone very badly. I couldn’t wait any longer and bought it for myself.”

“My Christmas gift to myself, my first family member — welcome home, DD!”

Bonus: “A present for myself this ’Caturday’”

How often do you treat yourself to pleasant surprises? What was the last big dream you made come true?

Preview photo credit MAKhasyanov / Pikabu