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20+ Photos That Reveal the Little Secrets of Ordinary Things

The world is full of extraordinary things and phenomena that are able to arouse our curiosity and cause genuine emotions. But familiar objects can also be revealed from the most unusual sides — it’s enough to change your perspective and make you want to dig a little deeper. And over the course of these experiments, some people have managed to achieve success. For example, they get a chance to have a look at a porcupine’s ear, find out what happens inside a kangaroo’s pouch, and even see the surface of the Moon.

We at Bright Side found internet users’ photos that could become a part of an encyclopedia.

It turned out that turtles aren’t that simple:

“I was taking pictures of the moon for 2 weeks and then combined them together. You can see how heterogeneous its surface looks.”

The water in this waterfall changed its direction because of strong winds.

This hummingbird nest is so tiny that it fits on a pine cone:

Porcupine ears look like they were transplanted from a human.

These wasps recycled colored paper to make a bright nest.

This is probably what a true desire for life looks like:

Everyone knows that a kangaroo has a pouch to carry its baby. But not everyone has seen the inside of it:

This is not a toy, but a real albino owl:

In Western Australia, winds can be so strong that solitary trees bend and grow horizontally.

This bra device is used to protect a horse’s infected eye, while also allowing it to see with its other eye:

This cat has polydactylism. These paws won’t miss anything for sure.

It turns out that you can use snow to not only make a snowball, but to roll it up as well.

The tips of the trees almost don’t touch each other. The space between them reminds me of a river.

This is what a zoomed-in scallop shell looks like. Those blue dots act as some kind of eyes.

“I wasn’t ready to find sprouting moss in an old bag with soil instead of the soil.”

This is a watch. It has spinning disks instead of arrows.

The spots on a jaguar’s stomach are completely different from the spots on its back."

This ball was found at the bottom of the English channel. Now, it’s decorated with a whole colony of seashells."

“My mom managed to open a coconut without breaking the meat of the kernel.”

“The water droplets on my car collected the pollen.”

One of the Pyramids of Giza looks like this from above:

This spider’s nest looks like a portal to another dimension:

What unusual phenomena have you encountered? Maybe you even have pictures?

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