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20 Pictures We Had to Look at Twice to Understand

According to these statistics, about 1.4 trillion digital pictures will be taken in 2020 alone. And with that amount of photos, it’s no wonder that some of them end up capturing a moment that can be challenging to understand at first glance.

Bright Side previously released an article with pictures that tested our observation skills, but it wasn’t enough. So we came back with a whole new compilation of pictures that you’ll have to look at twice before really understanding what’s going on.

1. Need a helping hand?

2. “I’m usually a calm person, but going to the pool just makes me lose my head.”

3. “New dog? Or just the hair that fell after brushing my dog?”

4. “The grass is always greener on the other side...”

5. “Turtles sky-swimming”

6. This is kind of a long cat, don’t you agree?

7. “My friend has been a little turned around lately.”

8. “A surreal puddle in a parking garage”

9. “A birdie takin’ a selfie”

10. “A reflection looking scary...”

11. Oh, and another looooong cat over here!

12. “This eagle enjoys boating.”

13. “Did my friend wet his pants? Nope...”

14. “A permanent mouse cursor in between the ears”

15. “Looks like water? Look again...”

16. “Took me a minute...”

17. “Do you think this top makes me look too thin?”

18. “Get too close to the edge and you might trip into the void...”

19. A blob fish? Or just a dog upside down?

20. “Literal baby feet”

Which of these images did you find most confusing? Do you have any pictures that you have to look at twice before really understanding what’s going on? Share them with us in the comments and don’t forget to add a caption!

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