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20 Times Nature Has Destroyed Its Own Templates

Nature has its own patterns, and we get used to seeing things in their common shapes and colors. But sometimes templates get crumbled and objects become unique. A potato can look like a kiss, mushrooms can grow to be the size of a small child, and the inside of an egg can contain another egg.

We at Bright Side are inspired by things that nature creates and would like to share some small extraordinary things that our world has to offer.

1. This adorable dog has 2 noses.

2. “My mother-in-law’s nails look like tree rings.”

3. “A pumpkin from my garden”

4. “This tree grew through the fence and you can see the chain link pattern in the bark.”

5. “This face on my dog’s paw pad”

6. This tree that started to look like a mastodon

7. This cat has a unique spot that looks like a fox.

8. “The last bit of summer left in this leaf”

9. “A cool blue pattern that appeared after the wooden branches were burned”

10. “Cracked an egg to make breakfast and inside was a yolk — and another egg!”

11. The sunflower has weird leaves inside.

12. “She found a giant mushroom.”

13. “These flowers that look like tiny hummingbirds”

14. “An albino ladybug”

15. Potato, the googly-eyed cat

16. Leaves can also be albino.

17. “I grow hair between my first and second knuckle on only one finger.”

18. “This carrot from my buddy’s garden tied itself in a knot in the ground.”

19. A potato kiss

20. The dog changed its color with age.

What’s the most outstanding thing you’ve seen in nature? Do you take pictures when you see something unique? Please share it with us!

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