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20+ Times People on Reddit Had Impressive Answers to “What If” Questions

Some of the greatest things in the world were discovered accidentally — like penicillin, superglue, and x-ray. Experimenting is a great way to gain knowledge — and these Reddit users know this better than anybody else. Thanks to them we now know what happens to a package of chips if it’s microwaved, if we use the same coffee spoon for 45 years, or if we go swimming in an outdoor pool at −40°C.

Here at Bright Side, we encourage curiosity, so we couldn`t help but wanna share these surprising pics once we saw them. Scroll down to take a look at them as well!

1. Coconuts can crack open when they’re in the freezer.

2. If a bag of chips gets microwaved, it shrinks.

3. “I opened a decade old Play-Doh container to find that it had grown crystals.”

4. “My mom microwaved some birdseed to disinfect it before putting it in a beanbag, and accidentally made tiny popcorn.”

5. Here’s what happens in 180 mph wind, if you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt.

6. When the bathroom door is closed almost all the way, each of the 4 bulbs in the bathroom emits its own distinct beam of light into the room.

7. Here’s what happens if you’re shortsighted in one eye, farsighted in the other, and you put your glasses in the sun.

8. Here’s what a basketball court looks like when the pipes under it burst.

9. Here’s what happens if you keep half a cabbage in the refrigerator for way too long.

10. “I put blue food coloring in my white roses’ water.”

11. My black shirt got a solar tie-dyed after years of laying in the back of my car.

12. Ice fur is when a soggy stump goes through a hard freeze.

13. When you heat a marble over a flame and immediately drop it into cold water:

14. This happens if you don’t eat your artichoke right away.

15. “My grandma has used the same spoon in her coffee for about 45 years and it’s gone square.”

16. Clear furnace filter vs 2 weeks of wildfires

17. Just 2 girls that went swimming in an outdoor pool at −40°C

18. Here’s what happens if lightning strikes asphalt.

19. This record was left in a car in the summer.

20. Planting 90k trees takes a few inches off of a shovel.

21. “I found these crystals at the bottom of a maple syrup bottle that sat in the back of my fridge for a few years.”

22. A storm literally picked up and moved this part of the road.

23. Here’s what happens to gummy worms when you freeze-dry them.

24. This happens when lightning strikes a putting green.

25. “Severed a nerve in my index finger... Half my finger can no longer prune.”

26. Here’s how titanium changes color if you hit it with different voltages.

Have you ever conducted an unusual experiment? We`d be happy to see your photos and comments in the section below!

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