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22 Eco-Friendly Ideas That Are Crazy Cheap and Simple

While doing routine tasks every day, we make an investment into what our future will be like. Nowadays, there are more and more thoughtful people that care about the environment. Sometimes, all it takes to make a difference is the smallest thing done by many people.

We at Bright Side are sure that taking care of nature is not a difficult task. And these stories from people online show the many little things we all can do to make the world a better place.

The German sneaker brand, nat-2™, makes vegan luxury sneakers from real coffee.

Plant-based gloves that are biodegradable and don’t harm the environment

This supermarket used tiny paper bags instead of plastic containers to reduce waste.

“I work at a hospital where employees eat every day with plastic utensils. My solution: a fork and spoon in an old pencil case!”

“My mom knows I’m trying to reduce my waste, so for my birthday she made me homemade body soap, a peeling bar, shampoo, and conditioner!”

“The soap is shaped like dog paws because it was her first try so she used the molds she had for making homemade dog treats.”

“Made a lamp for my desk out of an old camera, a broken lamp, and some driftwood I found.”

“I made this fluffy Moroccan-style rug out of old clothing and scrap fabric!”

“This is a North African weaving method called boucherouite, which uses torn-up, old clothing and wool to make gorgeous, thick, cozy, colorful, creative rugs. I’m obsessed. I finished this one on New Year’s and I’ve already started another one!”

“I made my wedding table runners from old bedsheets. What do you think?”

“Decided to make a succulent arrangement from the remnants of my favorite mug.”

“Сurrently making my confetti — this is going to take a while. Leaves are free and eco-friendly!”

“One thing I love about Amsterdam is the day each neighborhood takes out the trash that can’t go in the regular bin. Found these teapots this morning and gave them a new purpose.”

“I recently learned how to store various produce without plastic.”

“The bottom left is spinach and to the right is bok choy. For the broccoli and carrots, I’ve read that things with stems should be treated like flowers, so I trimmed the stems and placed them in water. Carrots do very well completely dunked in water — they’ve lasted me close to 2 weeks!”

“I made a bread basket from used chopsticks.”

“A roll of ’un-paper’ towels I made for our kitchen”

“Couldn’t find a soap dish at the thrift store, so I got creative with some LEGOs.”

“Old broken window blinds turned into plant markers”

“I repurposed a cute shopping bag to wrap a gift. The bow is made from the handles.”

“What I take to the movies: a refillable water bottle that can fold in my pocket when not in use, along with a pocket-size steel bento box.”

“I made a jewelry display out of a dog crate floor.”

“My mom took this $40 tablecloth and runner I found and turned them both into a dress for a last-minute photo session of mine!”

“I take plastic shipping/bale straps from hardware store waste and make sturdy, functional, and fashionable baskets! My cats also love them at every stage...”

What do you do to save some money and be more eco-friendly?

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