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22 Hilarious Photos Showing What Happens When Men Get a Camera in Their Hands

Do you think it’s only women who spend hours trying to choose the best photo from 200 equal selfies? Then you’re right! Men only take spontaneous, funny, and crazy pictures.

Bright Side has collected 22 hilarious photography masterpieces from men that really make us laugh.

“When I ask my little brother to keep an eye on my son...”

“I asked my husband how his vacation was going. He sent me this.”

“My father asked me to take a photo of him. Now I consider myself a master of light.”

“I put my life on the line so my girl can have the perfect photo.”

“My boyfriend takes ‘cool’ photos of me and creates ‘great’ collages.”

“Me trying to take a selfie underwater”

“A bird perched on my head and took flight as I took the picture.”

The ability to make fun of yourself is one of the main advantages of online dating sites.

“I’m not good at panoramic photos.”

“My niece discovered the cat door today.”

“Cats are so cute in pictures,” they said.

When you’re too bored:

“Asked my boyfriend to take a picture of my cat and me.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Marzipan in all his glory.”

How to turn a 2D picture into a 3D one:

Pikachu made of leaves

When you’re too bored, you try Face Swap (even if there’s no one to swap faces with):

You can also have fun with your kid.

“One of my friend’s maternity photos”

When you don’t have a selfie stick:

Men always have creative ideas for selfies.

Apple didn’t fall far from the tree, selfie edition

Do you think men and women treat photography differently?

Preview photo credit BeeOhCee / Reddit
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