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22 Photos That Can Calm Your Inner Perfectionist

Oh, the feeling of relief when the TV soundbar stops at an even number, when the clothes in your wardrobe are aligned in a perfect color gradient, or when your groceries fit like a Tetris game in your cabinet. It doesn’t matter if you’re a confessed perfectionist or not, there are always some situations that give us a certain sense of comfort.

To bring this feeling alive, Bright Side gathered a group of photos that are worthy of a peace award.

1. “Butter in my pan forming a hexagon”

2. “The way the shade is positioned on this light switch”

3. The way these acorns fit on the holes of a park bench

4. Ice cream so perfect and smooth, it doesn’t even look real!

5. “I achieved equilibrium today at the pump.”

6. “This star in the middle of a tree limb”

7. “This broken sign is still somewhat accurate.”

8. “The ink in my pen separated into small even sections.”

9. “Matching colors with my chapstick”

10. This chip came with a perfect hole in it.

11. On this balcony, the rain only wets the first 3 tile rows.

12. “The way the red cap of this bottle of bleach lines up with the red tiles behind it”

13. The most well-spent 30 hours for a perfectionist

14. “My wood glue has a build-in cap holder so you won’t lose it.”

15. “The way the trees on this street have been trimmed for the electricity lines”

16. The person who arranged this wood deserves a medal.

17. “My sister completed the impossible.”

18. Let’s all appreciate this before the wind comes.

19. “I collated my sticky notes and got this neat gradient.”

20. “My friend let her chickens loose on a watermelon. They picked it clean.”

21. “Every kernel popped! This has NEVER happened to me.”

22. “Took this picture of the snow wave on my roof today.”

What situations make the perfectionist in you feel oddly satisfied?

Preview photo credit muthig / reddit
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