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24 Powerful Photos Proving It’s Nature That Rules This World

Every year we cut down 7.3 million hectares of forests. Humanity does the same with other resources and the wealth of the earth. People are accustomed to taking nature as something they’re entitled to that has no voice or power. But we forget that it can fight back and that it always wins. And we are not talking about destructive elements or natural disasters.

Nature wins slowly, but even small victories are powerful. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an unexpected manifestation of life on the road or the absorption of a whole car. And we at Bright Side can’t help but admire this strength and natural ability to resist all of humanity.

1. “Trees cocooned in spider’s webs”

2. “This 400-year-old bonsai survived the bombing of Hiroshima, despite being 2 miles away from ground zero.”

3. Even a bolt can be a place for new growth.

4. Greenery swallows what humans created.

5. Nature is stronger than any fence.

6. Growing vines make everything look more impressive.

7. The only life among soulless bricks

8. Nature is a master of contour.

9. Soon no one will know that once there was a sign.

10. Mother Earth won this battle with the city.

11. Machines are nothing against nature.

12. Human creations are temporary, wildlife is forever.

13. Natural brick is a great addition.

14. No walls will stop the growth of beauty.

15. Nature can surpass all barriers.

16. There is always a place for new life.

17. Green flow

18. Even a small tree has a lot of power.

19. Nature is too cramped beside civilization.

20. Who said humans rule the world?

21. The natural kingdom is brighter than ours.

22. “Life always find its path.”

23. Nature erases a gravestone.

24. “The chip I pulled out of the bag still has the roots attached.”

Have you ever experienced the power of nature? Do you think that humanity will ever be able to win over nature? We would like to know your opinion in the comments.

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