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25 Designs Made by People Who Went Above and Beyond All Expectations

In life, we often face situations that we must solve using our imagination. That’s when design plays an important role in making certain things easier in creative and practical ways. But some people seem to approach this in a different way: they create objects, drawings, or signs that go beyond what is useful and may (or may not) have an aesthetic function.

Bright Side made a compilation of different objects captured by people who did not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to the creativity in each design.

1. “Finished my 1st tension design.”

2. A Pokémon has been spotted in the middle of the street.

3. “There was one heart-shaped treat in my dog’s bone-shaped treats.”

4. “I collect antique fans. Here’s a circa 1932-34 Gilbert 12” ’Aristocrat.’"

5. “This pattern on this bench at my vet”

6. “The miauw mug my gf loves”

7. “This foosball table on the lobby of the hotel I’m staying”

8. “Numbered stairs so you don’t lose count”

9. “My employee has a shoe backpack.”

10. “My town’s municipal service cut down a tree that threatened to fall on the road and made a bench out of the trunk.”

11. “Some types of wood fluoresce with a blacklight.”

12. “Scooter with a built-in seat”

13. That sundial seems very effective.

14. “This pickle jar has a little handle attached to a basket that makes the pickles easier to retrieve.”

15. “Why is this picnic table designed this way?”

16. “Oversized band-aid on this dented car in the parking garage at work”

17. “My microwave says ’Good’ when it’s done.”

18. “Wilson Sporting Goods sells Wilson Volleyballs from the movie Cast Away.

19. “My washed-out paint roller looks like Sully from Monsters Inc.

20. “This square on the box of chocolate toast crunch has been eating too much of his kind.”

21. The important thing is that there is a door through which to enter and exit.

22. “This tree that’s meant to be the mascot of a dentistry where I live”

23. “My purse made out of over 1,500 soda can tabs”

24. “Handwashing choice — burn or freeze”

25. They seem to monitor all traffic.

What designs have you seen and been impressed by? What objects do you like the most, regarding their appearance and usefulness?

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