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26 People Amazed Us With Their Preparation for Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that truly puts a spotlight on our creative sides. We can design and create our own costumes, put up elaborate decorations in the front yard, or even get a new tattoo to celebrate the spooky season. The possibilities are endless and so are the sources of inspiration that we can find.

We at Bright Side were amazed by the great lengths these 26 people went to make sure that their Halloween celebrations were going to be perfect.

1. “Morticia Addams cosplay by me! The dress and everything was made by me!”

2. “My new Halloween tattoo! I love it so much!”

3. “Monster house”

4. “Spa day for the Silly Skeleton”

5. “My wife and I made a Hocus Pocus display this year!”

6. “The pumpkin monster is coming”

7. “Just finished my spooky eldritch cultist. He’s about 7 feet tall.”

8. “Our Halloween tree”

9. “The best way to relax after a long work day”

10. “Had to have a photo shoot with the skelly boi as we celebrate the best time of year”

11. “Our trapeze artist”

12. “Halloween 2021 theme. They’re coming to get you SpongeBob!”

13. “This will be my Halloween costume... Mr. Smiles”

14. “Everyone have their pet’s Halloween costumes ready?”

15. “Candy corn zombie hoard”

16. “I made my skeledog fly!”

17. “My spooky dining room!”

18. “Final Halloween front yard!”

19. “Made a creepy wreath I’m pretty proud of!”

20. “Finally done.”

21. “Remember the reason for the season”

22. “Tis only the beginning”

23. “Go big or gourd home”

24. “Finished my mantle tonight!”

25. “Skele-Man”

26. “She looks pretty spry for her age”

What’s the most creative decoration you made to celebrate Halloween? Please share it with us in the comments!

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