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8 Astounding Facts That Can Change the Way You See the World

Did you know that there’s “golden blood” or that Mercedes-Benz cars have a secret technology that gets activated before an accident? What about the fact that there’s golden blood that only 43 people on Earth have? If you didn’t, prepare yourself to be surprised.

Bright Side gathered for you the coolest new facts that will once again remind you how unbelievably awesome our world is.

1. The world’s loudest shout was the word “quiet.”

This unusual record was set by a teacher at a school in Belfast (Northern Ireland). In 1994, Miss Flanagan set the Guinness world record when she shouted “Quiet!” at 121.7 decibels (louder than what you might hear at any rock concert). Luckily for her students, she never uses her secret “weapon” in her classes. However, this video was filmed to demonstrate the power of her lungs.

2. Takhini Hot springs in Canada has an annual festival of freezing hairdos.

Every winter visitors of Takhini Hot Springs jump into the hot water of the springs that reaches 100°F and let their hair freeze at an ambient temperature of −22°F. As a result, people take photographs of their curious and funny hairdos.

3. Some Mercedes-Benz cars play “pink noise” before an accident.

This system is called Pre-Safe. When the vehicle’s sensors have detected a collision, the system plays “pink noise” that is almost inaudible but makes the ear muscles tense. This system helps a driver avoid the damage or loss of hearing as an effect of the accident.

4. According to Gordon Ramsay, there are only 5 dishes that everyone should be able to cook.

  1. A big burger. Because everyone loves a good burger.
  2. A healthy breakfast. A breakfast is really important for the beginning of a good day, that’s why it should be tasty and healthy.
  3. A stew. It’s something that you can cook any day of the week.
  4. A chicken dish. There are dozens of ways to cook chicken and it goes well with any side dish.
  5. A good dessert. Eating a cake that you made yourself is much more pleasant than the one you bought. Plus, you can always bring it if you’re going to meet your friends.

5. 100 years will be released in November 2115.

The movie that we probably will never see was shot by Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich with the support of the manufacturers of the ultra-elite Louis XIII cognac. The main characters find the bottle of this cognac at the beginning of the movie.

The movie material was locked in a heavy-duty safe that will automatically open on the movie’s date of release — in 100 years (that’s how long it takes for cognac to reach its maturity).

The invitation premiere tickets (made of metal) were sent to 1,000 of the world’s most influential people so that they’d give them to their descendants. But, you can watch the movie teaser right now.

6. There’s a reason why bright ideas come to our mind in the shower.

According to Harvard psychologist Shelley H. Carson, taking a shower or a bubble bath is a great idea if you need a creative approach to a problem.

When a person gets relaxed, like while in the shower or bath, their brain shifts to the so-called incubation period. In this state, we usually make important decisions, think over ideas, and come to interesting conclusions.

7. There is something called “golden blood” and only 43 people in the world have it.

This blood type is called “golden blood” due to its unbelievable rarity. It can also be used in blood transfusions for any blood type, despite the RH factors. People with Rh-null blood type are the most valuable blood donors in the world. Today, there are only 43 people alive with this blood type. Do you think we could consider this fact a new step in human evolution?

8. There’s a garden in England replete with dangerous and poisonous plants and it’s open to the public.

There’s a huge garden complex surrounding the premises of the Alnwick castle that has been there for more than 300 years. In 2005, the Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy, added another beautiful garden with unusual and dangerous plants.

Behind the big gates, there are more than 100 poisonous, narcotic, prohibited-by-law plants from all over the world. Today it’s one of the most frequently visited places in the country; all tourist tours are carefully supervised.

Have you ever heard about any of these? Which one amazed you the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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