14 Landlords Who Can Surprise Even the Most Experienced Tenants

Millions of people around the world live in rented houses and apartments. But renting a place is always a lottery because you never know what the landlord is like in advance. Sometimes, landlords come up with the most unpleasant surprises.

We at Bright Side know how hard it is to find a good place to live and we hope that these 17 people will find their luck.

“My landlord pretended to do work on the apartment but ended up installing this 360° Wi-Fi surveillance camera which also records audio, without telling me about it.”

“My landlord put this port-a-potty in front of my house while they remodeled their own house next door. When they switched it out my whole house stank.”

“My landlord has 2 shelves full of plastic bags.”

“The landlord cut down a small tree that used to block the water when it rained. Now, this is what I have to deal with.”

“My landlord is messing with me... Surely”

“The landlord ‘replaced’ the roof a while back.”

“My house is flooded with sewage. I told the landlord about this tiny leak 2 days ago and the repair guys were supposed to be here this morning.”

“Landlord put in new handrails. See my concern?”

“Our landlord bought bright yellow chairs into an otherwise grey aesthetic.”

“Moved into a new house. The landlord said water the lawn, we left you a hose.”

“This is how the landlord fixed the leaky ceiling.”

“Landlord replaced my roommate’s closet door.”

“This is the best picture to describe a typical London rented apartment...”

When a “not-the-most-understanding-landlady” gets an idea...

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