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15+ Hardworking People Whose Progress Pics Left Our Jaws Dropped to the Floor

A journey to the body of your dreams can be tough, and seeing motivating progress pics of other people can boost your determination when you need it the most. Participants of the r/progresspics community on Reddit posted the results of their hard work on their bodies and lifestyles and support each other on every step of their journey to a better self.

We at Bright Side felt a strong desire to cook ourselves a healthy meal and hit the gym when we saw the progress these 16 hardworking people have achieved, and we bet these before and after pics will inspire you too.

1. “6 months and I couldn’t be prouder.”

2. “What a difference 6 months can make!”

3. " Almost 4 months since I made a big lifestyle change — couldn’t be happier and wanted to share."

4. “2 years, just 10 pounds to go but I’m pretty happy with where I’m at.”

5. “There are 13 months between these photos.”

6. “Cut out fast food, added a lot more vegetables to my diet, and fell in love with hiking.”

7. “September 2019 vs April 2021”

8. “8 weeks! Somewhere along the way, I lost motivation and found dedication.”

9. “Posting for the accountability to keep it going and to show off my cute new overalls!”

10. “Trying on bridesmaid dresses a year apart!”

11. “My journey isn’t complete, but I’m so happy with my progress.”

12. “10 months apart”

13. “Still a work in progress. But the consistency is starting to pay off.”

14. “4 months of work and I feel like I’m finally seeing results. Still got a long way to go!”

15. “I’m really learning to love myself.”

16. “2.5 years! It’s crazy, I don’t realize how much weight I’ve lost until I look at side-by-side pics!”

Have you ever tried changing your lifestyle to lose weight or improve your health? What was it like? Tell us your story in the comments!

Preview photo credit shortandcrisp19/Reddit
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