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17 People Whose Everyday Life Is Like a Tragicomedy

We all happen to encounter situations that are full of drama. But this is no reason to think that the universe has something against you. Even the most difficult days filled with awkward situations can become funny stories that we happily share with friends and followers online.

At Bright Side, we sympathize with the people in this article, and we hope that the unlucky period in their lives has passed.

1. “I turned the wrong stove burner on and exploded my made-from-scratch pumpkin pie.”

2. “Someone threw away the rest of my birthday cake before I was able to take it home.”

3. “I was wondering why I smelled something weird.”

4. “I left the car window down overnight.”

5. “It was the first time something like this happened to me. I bit this sausage, and a third of it turned out to be empty.”

6. This is why you shouldn’t try to get the ball down with a shoe.

7. “Long story short, I saw a cockroach.”

8. “I took a couple bites out of the other half before I saw this.”

9. “The package wasn’t sealed properly so my lightbulbs fell out somewhere along the way. They delivered an open, empty bag.”

10. “I bought this bread at the supermarket.”

11. “I paid way too much to be bamboozled like this.”

12. “We got our doors painted during a remodel and the painters forgot to put the plastic covering on the ground.”

13. An entire summer’s worth of love

14. “There are 5 cats at my house. This is not one of them.”

15. “I moved the flour away from the kid so he wouldn’t make a mess...and I knocked it off the counter with my elbow.”

16. “I wanted to buy a sandwich at this bakery. At first, I thought it was sesame. Well, it wasn’t.”

17. “I just gave him a bath.”

Have you experienced any fails recently? How do you usually react to them: by laughing or cursing? Tell us in the comments below.

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