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18 People That Were Curious Enough to Make Cool Observations

As we grow older, we often forget how happy we were making discoveries in our childhood. We got to know the world and learned to understand how everything works. But everything changes around us, even now. The people featured in this article still know how to observe the world and like to share their impressions online.

At Bright Side, we know that even on a boring day in a familiar environment, we can be surrounded by many interesting things. You just have to pay attention to what’s around you.

“I knitted colorful extremes, from 30° down to 12° in just a couple of weeks.”

“This is how skin changes its color in different lighting.”

“My dad’s iPad only has fingerprints in a grid pattern. The only thing he uses it for is sudoku.”

“Our plant reaching for the sunlight”

“It took bugs about 20 years to eat this much of the phone book. I found it in an old municipal water pump house.”

“Someone went around putting googly eyes on all the birds of paradise.”

“I have a flower growing inside my mailbox.”

“My orange juice is the same color as the mug it’s in.”

“I painted my dog using a year-old photo as a reference and realized her tongue spots have changed.”

“The spiders are all making their webs near the light so they get more food.”

“I work in apartment maintenance and this is a master key.”

“My scar doesn’t get dirty.”

“Each puppy has nails that match their fur color.”

“This is a tiny pineapple.”

“The difference in my legs after being in a cast for 1 month”

“The way the sun damaged my ring binder”

“The spiderweb on my pumpkin looks like plastic wrap.”

“My one dog looks like my other dog’s shadow.”

Have you ever noticed something curious around you? Share your observations in the comments.

Preview photo credit John_Appleseed_ / reddit
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