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18 Pictures That Prove Love Is the Only Cure Our World Needs

There are many reasons why kindness isn’t what it used to be, and one of them is people’s fear of being rejected or embarrassed. That’s why most people will offer their help only when being asked, instead of offering it beforehand. However, it’s not just about being helpful toward others, but also about being nice and polite to those close to us and to strangers. Something as simple as a word or a gesture can go a long way.

Bright Side feels very optimistic whenever we see people being kind to one another and toward other beings.

1. “My 64-year-old mother-in-law’s first time in the ocean”

2. “Indian actor Sonu Sood gets a new friend due to Mumbai rains.”

3. “This guy lets stray dogs sleep in his store so they can cool down in hot weather.”

4. “This little girl came to an old man’s rescue when his Yeti rolled under the shelf.”

5. “Some good bro left a bed and a blanket for a freezing pup.”

6. “This senior was struggling with his oxygen tank. The guy on the right took his time to ensure the tank was working properly.”

“And then kept him company until he reached his stop.”

7. “This hedgehog came out to see us. Due to the very hot weather in Belgium, we thought it was thirsty and it was. Cat also approves!”

8. “Out last weekend spreading a little kindness and promoting human connection through eye contact.”

9. “Found at my local Lowe’s.”

10. “My local grade school installed a provisions box for those in need.”

11. “Kids break bunny and offer money.”

12. “Need a plant? Take a plant. Have a plant? ‘Leaf’ a plant.”

13. “Every other weekend, since 2007, my family acts as a host family for my mentally disabled nephew.”

“Our son is 6 years younger, but acts as if he were his cousin’s big brother.”

14. “After my ex broke up with me over the phone, my sister, family, and her friends made me a gift basket to cheer me up.”

15. “A guy is pushing his dog in a shopping cart — the pavement was really hot today.”

16. “A fountain that also provides water for animals.”

17. “This restaurant not only welcomes dogs, it offers dog portions for cheap.”

18. “We were never born to hate.”

Do you think that our world has become so cruel that people have forgotten how to care for one another? How would you act in order to make things better?

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