20+ Times Creativity and Talent Produced Results That Totally Charmed Us

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It is very common that, when we are bored or have a lot of free time, a spark of creativity awakens in us and we are inspired to create things that we did not know we were capable of. The phenomenon of getting more creative when we’re bored is something that is universal. Maybe that’s why some internet users from all over the world made or found these kind of things, which could only have been born thanks to a lot of imagination and a lot of free time.

Bright Side gathered pictures that are the clearest proof that people’s imaginations really have no limits.

1. “After I posted my painting of Bad Luck Brian, Mr. Bad Luck himself contacted me to purchase it.”

2. “I’m a PhD student studying soil fertility. Had to deck out my new lab coat. Pleased with the results.”

3. “I made this cozy PJ set from my old blanket and I’m so happy with the outcome since I’ve never made shorts before!”

4. “This little cabinet was decoupaged with wallpaper and painted inside, with the doorknob replaced.”

“My first time decoupaging and I’m pretty pleased! It’s going to my sister for her craft shed so I expect it to become a family heirloom!” © knittedowl88 / Reddit

5. “My wife asked me to paint a portrait of her. This was the best I could come up with.”

6. “This crack in the pavement filled with a mosaic cat portrait”

7. “I put over 1,500 blocks of Jenga on 1, creating a new world record.”

8. “Made a WatermelonBoy and tested it out in public.”

9. “I gave Lego flowers to my mom for Mother’s Day.”

10. “Yes, it’s attached.”

11. “A tension structure I put together from spare parts I had lying around.”

12. And to think that someone took the time and trouble to hang these tables and chairs with chains to create original family swings.

13. “I’ve been bored lately, it’s made from cardboard and hot glue.”

14. When grandma is in town for the weekend and you gotta bust out the wheel cover she crocheted for you:

15. “A small hamburger that I made out of clay”

16. “Who needs paint when you’ve got tape?”

17. “I stacked 173 Jenga blocks on one block.”

18. “I covered hot wings in 24 carat gold and was told it belonged here...”

19. “DIY done by a broke person who can’t afford a curtain rod, but who can afford neodymium magnets and to tear a shirt.’”

20. “Seen on Facebook Marketplace. Only $20, what a deal.”

21. You can think of it as a very original postmodern design or simply as the work of a lazy carpenter. Your call.

22. And to think that someone took the time to do this to their car.

23. “I made a monument to my favorite carb.”

Have you ever created a beauty like these? Please feel free to share your photos in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit knittedowl88 / Reddit


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