25+ People Who Are as Clever as They Are Creative

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Some people are just born with a keen eye to see great potential in seemingly unusable items. And with skill and loads of creativity, they are able to transform these mundane objects into functional works of art.

Bright Side has rounded up 28 creative geniuses who might make you rethink throwing out your old stuff and inspire you to live more sustainably.

1. “I upcycled a thrifted blouse and lace scraps into a silk lace cami.”

2. “I made a lounge chair out of worn-out tires to save $20.”

3. “A dragon sculpture I made out of CD shards”

4. “Dollhouse accessories I turned into earrings”

5. “My brother turned a typewriter he got at an estate sale into a unique place to hang keys.”

6. “A thrifted bedsheet turned into a cottagecore style dress.”

7. “A $6 Goodwill briefcase turned into a guitar pedalboard.”

8. “Found a Japanese tea set and turned it into flower pots.”

9. “One of my favorite hauls so far has been this beautiful TV that I turned into some fish tank entertainment for my kitties.”

10. “A vintage $8 dress I turned into a top — the best $8 I have ever spent!”

11. “I turned $8 Goodwill Samsonite suitcases into shelves to display my thrifted knick-knacks.”

12. “Found this ceramic hand for $3 and decided to turn it into a weird but cute holder for my headset.”

13. “A 1974 glass water jug for $8.99 that I turned into a terrarium”

14. “My grandma bought this at a garage sale and turned it into a lamp.”

15. “I made a shoe storage stand out of old fans”

16. “Converted an old iMac G4 into a lamp.”

17. “I thrifted a leather planner for 99 cents and turned it into an AirPods case.”

18. “My partner works in flooring, and they were going to throw out expired floor samples. I ended up making birdhouses with them.”

19. “Some maple tree samaras that I coated in resin and turned into earrings”

20. “I made a Bridgerton-inspired bustier from a vintage silk blouse. The corset top has cups and is boned with spiral steel boning.”

21. “2 months ago 3 pairs of my work trousers broke. I tried to fix them but it didn’t work, so I sent them to a local creator.”

22. “When your chair wears a kimono better than you do”

23. “Upcycled denim Marie Antoinette”

24. “Repurposed this Game Boy”

25. “Found these rocking chairs by the side of the road”

26. “Repurposed bowling alley table”

27. “Took about 20 mins. to make this denim apron.”

28. “Friend of mine decided to decorate my birth mark.”

So, which of these reimagined items impressed you the most? Do you currently have upcycling projects of your own? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit sammysalvz / Reddit


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