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18 Stars That Look Divine on the Red Carpet, but Pretty Ordinary in Everyday Life

Stars are supposed to look amazing in their stunning dresses. This is why when people see a celebrity in their everyday life — in shorts, a hoodie, and with a bun on their head, they might not even recognize them.

We at Bright Side really wanted to find out what celebrities looked like in real life, when there are not hundreds of cameras looking at them.

Emily Blunt

This English actress won the lottery: she married the handsome John Krasinski and she’s had a lot of great roles. In her daily life, Emily is quite modest and they even bought a house in a neighborhood where people don’t care about celebrities. “People there couldn’t care less about celebrities,” says Blunt. “No one has the time or inclination to stop and stare. You can walk everywhere too, which I love — to the supermarket, to the dry cleaner, with the kids to school — you don’t need a car.”

Britney Spears

The pop-princess of the 2000s has tried a lot of different images: she was the girl next door and also a seductress. But there’s one thing you can be sure of: she loves the color red and a choker. Sometimes, she shares photos of her looks on her Instagram page.

Cate Blanchett

When it comes to the red carpet, Kate is really elegant. And she remains elegant in her real life. More than that, she is a big supporter of conscious consumption and she is against the negative influence of the fashion industry on the environment. She limits the number of looks she chooses for events and she recommends that her colleagues do the same thing. She says, “When you know the world is consuming 18 billion pieces of clothing a year... you think, this is not working.”

Uma Thurman

Before becoming a star in Hollywood, Uma was a model, and of course, this had an impact on her style and her ability to dress in very simple but elegant clothes. When the star appeared at the 1995 Oscar ceremony wearing a Prada dress, she made a splash: reporters were discussing the young actress and her dress more than the people who won the award. In her everyday life, Uma doesn’t shock people, and she chooses comfortable clothes — like jeans, coats, and sweaters.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart loves to be herself even on the red carpet — brave, edgy, and wearing what she loves. She can easily combine a Chanel dress with Converse sneakers and a man’s jacket on top. And it looks as if there’s a crowd of stylists working on her looks. Fashion magazines named her the queen of coolness. Not every star can come to a red carpet event wearing the same clothes she goes to the supermarket in.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is the dream of any designer when she’s on the red carpet. She has worn the creations of famous designers in front of photographers from all around the world. But in her real life, Mila prefers simple and comfortable clothes. Jeans, hoodies, and buns on her head — the paparazzi take photos of her like this almost every day. Currently, her most important job is raising her children, so she doesn’t even try to be perfect.

Scarlett Johansson

No matter how the paparazzi try to sneak up on Scarlett Johansson, and no matter what clothes she’s wearing, she always looks amazing. But when she’s out with her family, she forgets about strings of pearls and she’s okay with wearing ordinary clothes. By the way, she recently married comedian Colin Jost.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is a master of everyday chic. It seems that it’s almost impossible to see her in something shabby and simple. She’s always dressed perfectly and her ability to look both attractive and elegant in everyday life is the reason why she’s always in big and respected magazines. She has her own brand and she’s raising 3 kids. How does she even manage?

Monica Bellucci

This actress is one of the most charming stars and she has never been shown in some “simple” clothes. Monica Bellucci is still amazing even today while wearing: tight dresses, clothes that reveal a lot of cleavage, diamonds, lace, and a lot of black — this is what she loves at public events and in her everyday life.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress that is not just stunning onscreen. When she was climbing upstairs at the Oscar ceremony, she stepped on her own Dior dress and fell down. One year later, she tripped over a dress again, but this time on the red carpet. This is why in her everyday life, she prefers shorter dresses and simpler skirts.

Jessica Chastain

43-year-old Jessica Chastain is always incredibly elegant on the red carpet and she prefers Prada, Givenchy, and Versace dresses. And her everyday clothes are not pretentious at all.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie appeared on the red carpet in 1998 became a style icon almost instantly. In her ordinary life, Jolie’s clothes are simpler but still elegant. The actress, movie director, scriptwriter, photo model, Goodwill Ambassador, and the mother of 6 kids is always dressed perfectly. Where does she find enough time to do all these things and still look amazing?

Kate Winslet

Kate created a great androgynous image wearing tailor-made suits and tuxes, and if she wore dresses, they were always very simple. The actress also said that when she was young, she considered herself plump and she didn’t like her body. But now, she’s totally satisfied with her body and she doesn’t try to hide anything. She wears simple jeans, T-shirts, and jackets.


Her style has gone a long way since Destiny’s Child and turned from street style into something really feminine. Even when she’s not on stage, the queen of R&B is always elegant.

Gal Gadot

On the red carpet, the Israeli model and actress is a style icon, and when she’s walking around with her children, she loves the same clothes as we all do. But still, in real life, she is just as gorgeous as she is onscreen.

Cara Delevingne

This model and actress looks great in anything, and while in public, Kara prefers glamour. In her free time, she wears biker shoes, skinny jeans, and hats. Would you recognize the supermodel in this girl if she walked right past you?

Eva Green

The queen of gothic style is not just extravagant in public and she always has her signature red lipstick with her. And, of course, black is great on her both at official events and at home.


The girl that can “blow up” the red carpet with her appearance while wearing transparent or fur dresses! And she wears really simple and comfy knitwear in her regular life.

Which of these stars do you like the most in their everyday looks?

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