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20 People That Found Their Own Way to Give Their Lives a Touch of Originality

There are some people who have a great facility to put their own stamp on everything and implement original solutions for everyday tasks. Maybe it’s just a matter of personality or maybe it’s ingenuity. What we do know is that thanks to these individuals, life has become way more interesting.

Bright Side has a compilation of images for you that show how some people have turned traditional things around with a bit of authenticity.

1. “The way my wife eats Cheetos without messing up her mouse.”

2. “A neighbor put out a doggy station with treats and water to help dogs cool down during the heatwave we are having.”

3. “I made my desk out of Legos.”

4. “A faucet above the stove (or a ‘pot filler’) at my Airbnb in Scottsdale.”

5. “My chef’s car got Saran wrapped on his last day of work.”

6. “My father still uses his original Macintosh Classic as a daily driver!”

7. “I made a mini crossbow that shoots Q-tips. Haha”

8. “Saw this guy driving his Mario Kart around the Chicago loop at 6:30 this morning.”

9. “My children left all the purples behind. Feels like the ’90s again.”

10. “Someone let loose a giant beach ball in my town and now it’s become a fun community event.”

11. “This grocery store grows some of the mushrooms it sells.”

12. “This Toy Story reenactment on a Hicks Transport van.”

13. “At my hotel’s breakfast you could choose how long you wanted your eggs boiled.”

14. “My dining room table houses a secret spiral staircase.”

15. “My gym’s vending machine organizes water based on its temperature.”

16. “An old telephone box in my village turned into a book swap.”

17. “My local library moved into an old grocery store.”

18. “These 2 old Dodge Caravans swapped doors.”

19. “Somebody drew a Mona Lisa with the dust that had accumulated on the truck box.”

20. “This electrical box in front of a laundromat has been painted to look like a washing machine.”

Do you know anyone who does ordinary things in such an original way that they could be part of this list?

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