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20+ People Who Were Brave Enough to Change Their Lives for the Better

survey says that 79% of people are unsatisfied with their appearance, and that’s just in the US. A desire to look better isn’t only about being attractive on the outside — it also takes a huge toll on our mental health. While it’s really difficult to take that first step toward a “better you,” there are tons of inspirational stories out there that come from people just like us.

We at Bright Side are the biggest cheerleaders for people who show the world that anything is possible with the right mindset and time.

1. “The dress ’fits’ me differently now.”

2. “I came across the picture on the left and was blown away. I can’t believe I lived in that body for so long! Grateful for my health.”

3. “Started lifting to feel better about myself and if I stop now, I might as well go die.”

4. “I think seeing my genuine smile in my progression photos is one of my favorite parts. I knew I was unhappy but didn’t realize how much.”

5. “Finally healed! So ready to start the next phase of my life and put the last decade of acne behind me.”

6. “Hi, jawline! I’ve missed you!”

7. “2010 vs 2020”

8. “Just found this photo yesterday of me at my heaviest. I don’t recognize that dude!”

9. “I shed a small person’s worth of weight!”

10. “I finally got out of an unhealthy relationship.”

11. “Eating food may still not be fun, but gaining weight and banishing a mental block sure is.”

12. “After just 10 months, I never knew I could be this genuinely happy.”

13. “Me in 2012 vs me in 2020 — went from being mistaken for a boy to being happy as the girl I want to be!”

14. “I was overweight my entire life. The biggest struggle for me was always finding eating habits that worked and once I simplified that, I was able to build and continue moving forward.”

15. “It’s wild how weight loss affects the mind.”

16. “Still 6 lb to go until my ultimate goal, but I’m feeling pretty great where I’m at!”

17. “Lost my acne and gained some confidence!”

18. “I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life so I can’t believe I’m even able to post this!”

19. “I can finally say that I’ve completely recovered from my depression and anxiety!”

20. “7 months in and I’m still going!”

21. “I fell in love with cooking healthy meals, exercising for fun and not punishment, and also got my autoimmune disease under control! Now I’m healthy AND happy!”

22. A 5-month difference

23. 3 years of consistent work and positivity

Share your success story with us! And remember, no amount of progress is too small.

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