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30 Maternity Looks From Celebrities That Showed Us How to Rock Pregnancy Style

When you get pregnant, dressing your growing baby bump can become a real dilemma. As your belly grows, there’re fewer clothing items from your wardrobe that you can actually wear. Oversized baggy dresses can be the obvious answer to the question “What can I wear?” but modern fashion offers many alternatives that can flatter a mom-to-be. Of course, celebrities often have bigger clothing budgets and enlist use the help of professional stylists, but we can use gorgeous celebrity outfits as a source of inspiration to create stylish maternity looks of our own.

Here at Bright Side, we want to remember 30 times pregnant celebrities amazed us with their looks, and we hope they can inspire you to experiment with fashion if you’re expecting a baby soon.

Ashley Graham

America Ferrera

Kate Hudson

Jennifer Garner

Kate Winslet

Angelina Jolie

Eva Longoria

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Kerry Washington

Jessica Alba

Kim Kardashian

Meghan Markle

Anne Hathaway

Hilaria Baldwin

Miranda Kerr

Olivia Wilde

Jessica Simpson


Bryce Dallas Howard

Liv Tyler

Blake Lively

Natalie Portman

Chrissy Teigen

Which pregnant celebrity looks from our list did you like the most and why? If you were ever pregnant (or are expecting a baby soon), tell us in the comments which clothes were your favorite during that period of your life?