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15 Fascinating Things From South Korea That You Won’t See in Any Other Corner of the World

One of the things no one will ever have to go without in South Korea is an internet connection. Free Wi-Fi can be found everywhere and it has one of the fastest speeds in the entire world. But, the technological inventions don’t stop there, with airports doing their best to help people navigate. Also, people seem to have an absolute addiction to chicken in all of its forms.

Bright Side collected 15 unique facts and inventions about South Korea that you might wish existed in your country too.

1. Only blind people can be licensed massage therapists.

2. You can find many fortune-telling tents and cafes all over the country.

3. Hot dog sushi is a pretty popular dish.

4. Instead of leaning on walls, people squat when waiting for a bus or the metro.

5. They brush their teeth 3 times a day, for 3 minutes per time, and 3 minutes after their meals.

6. Beondegi, aka dried silkworm, is a traditional street food that is usually boiled or steamed.

7. They have really long working hours, so they take naps during the day anywhere they can.

8. Not all taxis are the same and you have to know the different color differences.

9. Koreans like practical gifts and toilet paper is always a good choice.

10. Many small restaurants serve only one dish, which is their specialty.

11. You will find a public toilet faster than a trash can to throw away your trash.

12. There is a 20-mile bicycle lane between Daejeon and Sejong covered in solar panels.

13. Kids under 16 are blocked from gaming from midnight until 6 in the morning.

14. They have more fried chicken restaurants than the world has McDonald’s.

15. Pregnant women are given $550 per month so they can take care of their medical expenses.

Which one of the above unique Korean things would you like to see spread all over the world, including in your own country?

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