15 People Who Prove All Cool Things Happen Accidentally

2 years ago

Accidents happen when people are unaware of the circumstances created by the universe and end up in the middle of them. Unexpected events in life might bring up a wide range of emotions.
We should constantly expect the unexpected in life. Recognizing and embracing the possibility of unanticipated events is the best approach to dealing with life.

We never know what life holds for us, so we at Bright Side appreciate it when people choose to share their unpredictable moments with us.

1. “My cousin was celebrating her eighteenth birthday at a restaurant, and by chance ran into the doctor who delivered her as a baby.”

2. “My father is a TV anchor and today, for the first time in 33 years broadcasting, all of the male anchors wore the same colors by chance.”

3. “My husband has Parkinson’s. The doctors unexpectedly discharged him. He can’t use his hands but watched our son catch his first fish!”

4. “My friend has been mistaken for Ed Sheeran many times, and coincidentally, they met in South Africa.”

5. “I met him on Reddit 8 years ago. Moved to Sweden to be with him 7 years ago. At midnight on New Year’s, he proposed!”

6. “I met this guy 8 years ago on an NHL gaming forum. Last month, I drove 15 hours to meet him for the first time and be in his wedding.”

7. “I was at a wedding and met a woman with the same wrist tattoos as me.”

8. “I got adopted by this grandma right on the train.”

Emily (the girl in the photo) was on her way to surprise her boyfriend in Austin for the holidays. On the plane, she was sitting next to a lovely lady, with whom she instantly became friends. They exchanged phone numbers and promised to stay in touch in honor of their incredibly unexpected meeting.

They haven’t stopped chatting and updating one another on their lives ever since; Grammy Carey (as Emily refers to her) even sent her a necklace inscribed with the words “I watch over you” at Emily’s house. Emily earned a forever grandmother thanks to a common journey.

9. “I was sitting outside crying. This dog appeared out of nowhere and laid its head on my chest.”

10. “I painted a portrait of my parents for Christmas. They were coincidentally wearing the outfits I painted them in!”

11. “I lost my cat about 6 months ago. In the middle of moving, I found one of his whiskers on the ground — he’s still here.”

12. “Flying home for the holidays dressed to surprise the family. Before the flight, I met this stranger at the airport. Instant best friends!”

13. “3 years ago, a stranger (left) saved my life.”

“I asked my gaming community for a real-life superhero who would donate a kidney to me. She was a match.”

14. “My Pop-Pop has Alzheimer’s, but he loves my Grammie. He mistakenly told the server today was her birthday.”

15. “Sat next to a video game animator on a train journey. He drew my daughter. He kept her entertained.”

Have you ever encountered anything unexpected that absolutely turned your day around?

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