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18 Amazing Lifestyle Habits That Set Koreans Apart From the Rest of the Planet

The popularity of all Korean things, from fashion and film to music and cuisine, hasn’t lost any steam. Because of this, many people want to find themselves in the Land of Morning Calm and see all these things with their own eyes.

At Bright Side, we realize that you can’t just set everything aside and find yourself in a place you want to visit. But thanks to internet users, we can have a look at what life in South Korea is like.

  • Koreans can easily leave a bag or suitcase on a bench and go somewhere without worrying about its safety. There are also many unlocked cars. According to statistics, most of the lost items are returned to their owners in Korea, and every year the percentage of items returned to their owners is growing.
  • Apart from ordinary coffee shops, there are interesting venues there. For example, a library café, where you have to pay for the time spent reading a book, a café for photographers, where you can try out different lenses if you have a camera with you, and other venues like that.
  • A peculiar feature of the Korean metro is that the fare depends on the distance traveled.
  • Tourists can buy a Wi-Fi Egg at the airport or in a shop. They can also rent a telephone.
  • Korea Air has stickers to tell the cabin crew what to do when you’re sleeping in flight.
  • In Korea, women are only allowed to stay in a heated room after giving birth, even in summer they are not encouraged to use an air conditioner or a fan after childbirth. And they are told that they should only drink warm water. It’s believed that the mother may develop unexplained joint and body aches after delivery.
  • Puppy kindergartens are becoming more and more popular in Korea. Every morning, owners bring their pets to the kindergarten and hand them to professional trainers who introduce their students to various commands, and also walk them in the fresh air.
  • Koreans rarely ask other people out, especially strangers. Many people find a match on blind dates organized by their mutual friends and sometimes by their parents. Many couples in Korea celebrate relationship anniversaries more than once a year. These include celebrating their 100th, 200th, or 1,000th day together.
  • In Korea, couples often don’t wear wedding rings after they get married.
  • Korean post offices provide reading glasses in case you forgot yours.
  • Many Korean bakeries include everything you need for your birthday cake: a spatula, matches, and candles.
  • Children often go on various excursions. They pick strawberries, plant tomatoes, and get acquainted with the world around them.
  • Some Korean barbeque places have bags for customers to put their jackets and purses in to minimize the smell from absorbing into those items.
  • In South Korea, it’s very important not what you think of yourself, but what others think of you, including whether they consider you beautiful and slim.
  • Any resume should be accompanied by a photo. And the way you look in this photo can be decisive for an employer.
  • Often, Koreans do fat grafting which is transplanting their fat into their forehead and cheeks to make their face appear plump and smooth.
  • They do unusual beauty procedures in Korean clinics, for example, the Snow White whitening injection meant for whitening the skin and removing pigmentation. They also inject fillers in the area of the nasal bridge and cheekbones.
  • Often Korean men and women ask for aegyo-sal — the small fatty deposits underneath the eyes.

Did you know about these peculiar Korean features? Would you want to adopt any of them? Tell us in the comments below.

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