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20 Pics Showing What It’s Like to Live in Finland, and You May Find Them a Little Strange

Finland is a country located in Northern Europe and is known for its beautiful and bucolic landscapes as well as its rich culture. But there’s nothing better than some locals and a few well-informed tourists to reveal what it’s really like to live there. After all, they’re the experts, right? Without a doubt, many things Finnish people are used to doing in their daily life could seem strange to us. Imagine spotting some dude dragging a prop reindeer on the street or finding some of these animals alive and kicking during your evening walk. Well, there you go, that’s Finland.

Bright Side wanted to tell you more about this beautiful country, so we looked for all the pictures posted by Finnish people and residents of Finland alike to get a proper look at what it means to live there, and this is what we found.

1. “A Finnish dude going home with a reindeer to ’feed’ his family”

2. “Does everyone’s grandma have at least one bag made out of coffee packets?”

3. And this is how the weather can change in a span of just 5 hours. Welcome to Finland!

4. “Got this at a Finnish supermarket called PRISMA. I believe it means to not leave your dog in a hot car.”

“Don’t leave your dog in a hot car.”

5. “Played football in a swamp a couple of weeks ago”

6. “Last night in Äkäslompolo/Ylläs, some northern lights were visible!”

7. “Finding a parking spot in the city center of Helsinki is hard, better take my (high) horse and teach these people a sustainable lesson.”

8. “First time in Finland — just met these guys!”

9. “Saw this on my way to work.”

10. “How on earth are you supposed to be able to read these in time?!”

11. “Finnish park benches...”

12. “The ski jumpers in Lahti even practice during the summer.”

13. “This was found in the school’s hallway.”

14. “I love those hanging bridges in Oulanka.”

15. “Storm debris found in Alppila, Helsinki”

16. “Morning rush hour”

17. “Ah, yes. I love the Finnish spring!”

18. “I’m very lucky to have a Finnish partner and today she made these lovely Karjalanpiirakka!”

19. “The Oodi library today — looks quite unreal. No filters!”

20. “It’s starting to get ’winter spooky’ in Finland.”

Would you like to visit or live in this beautiful country? What other places similar to Finland would you like to know more about? Share pictures of your homeland with us in the comment section!

Preview photo credit k***kuelli / Reddit
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