10 Actors That We Knew as Children Who Now Have Kids of Their Own

2 years ago

As the years go by and we grow up, we go through different stages in our lives, meet different people, and face different challenges. Just as we grow up, so do the child stars of movies or shows that we enjoyed so much during our childhood, and with them, we feel the passing of time when seeing how much they’ve grown as well.

Today Bright Side would like to show you some celebrities that once dazzled us with their amazing performances as children but that have now formed families of their own.

1. Kel Mitchell

Part of the famous duo, Kenan & Kel, Mitchell was a big part of the childhood of those of us who grew up watching Nickelodeon. Today, fans of his sketches can rest easy knowing that he has been happily married and is the father of 4 children.

2. Hilary Duff

We will always remember Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire. Back then, she was just 14 years old, and she’d make everyone giggle because of how cute she was. Today, almost 20 years after the show ended, we can see that she has 3 children (2 girls and a boy) and has been happily married since 2019 to singer Matthew Koma.

3. Daniella Monet

We first met Daniella Monet in her role as Trina Vega in the Nickelodeon series, Victorious. Today, at 32, we can be happy knowing that she is engaged to her boyfriend, Andrew Gardner, and is the mother of 2 young children.

4. Joe Jonas

The Jonas Brothers were super popular in the mid-2000s, garnering fans around the world who follow them faithfully to this day. During this time, the brothers have been raising their own family, like Joe Jonas who married Sophie Turner, the star of Game of Thrones. They now have a daughter who was born in July 2020 named Willa.

5. Nick Jonas

Just like his brothers, Joe and Kevin, Nick didn’t want to be left behind when it came to starting his own family with Indian singer and actress, Priyanka Chopra. Recently, both announced on their social media that they welcomed a new baby to the family through a surrogate.

6. David Henrie

Wizards of Waverly Place was a series that marked the mid-2000s for Disney Channel, and in it, in addition to Selena Gomez, was the character of Justin Russo, played by David Henrie. Today, at 32 years old, the actor has been married since 2017 and is the father of 2 young children.

7. Nathan Kress

iCarly was such a popular show that it even had a comeback in 2021. One of its most endearing characters was, undoubtedly, Freddie, the show’s faithful cameraman. The role’s performer, Nathan Kress, returned for the new show. Today, he is happily married and a proud father of 2 little girls.

8. Christina Ricci

Thanks to her starring role in Casper and her amazing performance as Wednesday in the 2 Addams Family movies, Christina Ricci became a childhood icon for people who grew up in the ’90s. Today, she is the mother of 2 children, Freddie and Cleo, and is happily married to her hairdresser, Mark Hampton.

9. Max Thieriot

Whoever grew up in the mid-2000s will remember Max Thieriot as one of the kids from Vin Diesel’s adventure in The Pacifier. Today, at 33, in addition to continuing to dazzle audiences with his acting, he has also been married for 9 years and is a father of 2 young children.

10. Kaycee Stroh

Kaycee Stroh can serve as a familiar face to those who watched the High School Musical trilogy over and over again, as she was the actress who played Martha Cox. Now 37, the actress has been married since 2009 and is the mother of 2 girls.

Who was your favorite actor while growing up? Would you like to see them act again now that they’re older?


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